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Finding A Perfect Dentist In The Wantirna South Area

Is your dentist supplying you with the service you need? Has it been a long time since you’ve visited a dentist at all? Are you looking for a new dentist? One way or another, we all need to see a dentist, yet having an qualified dentist can be the difference between dental disaster and perfect oral health.

So, what should you look for in a dental practice?

Here at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Surgery, we are happy to offer you a couple of tips that can help you in locating the perfect Wantirna South dentist for you, your loved ones, and your family.

Dentist Wantirna South Tips- The Ultimate Guide To Dentures

The Ultimate Guide To Dentures

Often called false teeth, dentures are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. They are the most economical replacement approach, and they come with substantial benefits for their price.

However, if you have never worn dentures (full or partial), before, you may wonder what they are, what they do, what is the process to get them, how they should be taken care of, and what can you expect if you get them?

Sachdeva Dental is here to answer all your questions with our ultimate guide to new dentures.

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New Year Resolutions For Your Smile and Wellbeing

As we enter 2020 we hear more and more about New Year resolutions. Some very popular resolutions include working out, getting organized, saving money and taking better care of our health.

While these are all great resolutions and definitely worth making, it is rare that we hear a resolution about making dental health a priority in the New Year.

At Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Surgery, we believe one of the best resolutions that you can make is to take care of your teeth and we have a few suggestions as to how you can achieve that.


Top 4 Dental Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. There are many things to plan for and a multitude of details to take care of. But in all the excitement of pregnancy and childbirth a woman should be sure take care of their dental health and that of their babies.

Happily, though some treatments and medications are better avoided in the first three months, most routine treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

To ensure safe dental treatment during pregnancy, let your dentist know you are pregnant.

Gums Tender Or Bleeding- It’s A Problem! - wantirna south dentist

Gums Tender Or Bleeding? It’s A Problem!

Noticing that your gums bleed when you brush or floss can be alarming. What are the possible causes of bleeding gums? There are different reasons that gums may start to bleed during brushing, some are temporary and some are of more concern.

If you are worried about your oral health, including bleeding or tender gums, simply make an appointment at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Surgery.

Why Do Gums Bleed?

The most common cause of bleeding gums is dental plaque (bacterial deposits) and calculus (tartar) building up where the teeth meet the gums. This causes the gum tissues to become inflamed, which is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can lead to bad breath as well as gum tenderness and bleeding.


10 Amazing Factoids About Your Teeth

The modern environment is kaleidoscopic and sometimes confusing. In this hectic world, it can be difficult to enjoy a few minutes of quiet amusements without being interrupted by phone calls, texts, or annoying advertisements.

To offer you a break, the professionals at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Surgery are here to give you a break with this short list of dental myths and folk-beliefs. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Some of the myths that revolve around curing toothaches are more than a bit odd.

Holiday Oral Health Tips for Kids and Adults

Holiday Oral Health Tips for Kids and Adults

The holidays are the perfect time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. But those celebrations often center around food, and particularly sugar-rich food. Unfortunately, sugar-rich foods and drinks can be damaging to both your dental and general health.

The holiday season could be called the Sugar Season or even the Tooth Decay Season. At Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Surgery, we can help you get through this season without suffering an increase in dental problems.

How Do Sweet Foods and Drinks Harm Your Teeth?

Sugary food or drinks are food for the bacteria naturally found in your mouth. Feeding the bacteria leads to acids as a result. The acids, which last in your mouth for 30 minutes, wear down tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth decay as well as many other dental issues, including gingivitis.

What You Should Know About Gum Disease

What You Should Know About Gum Disease

More than 80% of adults suffer from some form of gum disease. If you think it’s not a bad thing for your gums to bleed when brushing your teeth, think again. Most people think the same way, but for dental experts, this scenario is alarming.

Gums that bleed are an indication that you have inflammation or gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first, mild stage of gum disease which is caused by oral bacteria, and when left untreated can progress to an advanced stage called periodontitis as well as bone degradation