When it comes to maintaining good oral health, most of us prioritise preventing cavities and decreasing bad breath. Usually, more pressing health concerns precede preventative measures for oral cancer.

Sadly, little is known about oral cancer, mainly how to spot and prevent it.

The following are some signs of oral cancer:

  • Mouth condition
  • A persistent lip- or mouth-infection
  • A growth or lump inside of your tongue
  • Swallowing issues or pain
  • A missing tooth
  • A patch inside your mouth that is white or reddish
  • Ear pain

These 6 tips will make it easier for you to safeguard against this possibly fatal sickness.

#1. Maintain good oral hygiene

To maintain a healthy, clean mouth, take good care of your teeth, gums, and tongue. Brush your teeth after dinner and right before bed. Don’t forget to floss every day.

If you wear dentures, practise good daily hygiene. If your dentures don’t fit well or are causing sore spots in your mouth, talk to your dentist about getting them adjusted.

#2. Avoid using tobacco

One of the most frequent health issues caused by smoking is a higher risk of acquiring mouth cancer.

The genetic makeup of cells, particularly those in your mouth cavity, can be altered by the carcinogenic compounds in cigarette smoke, which can lead to cancer. Compared to not smoking, quitting increases your risk of cancer by 5 to 10 times.

#3. Limit your alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption has been associated with mouth, throat, breast, liver, and colon cancers. If at all, drinking should only be done periodically.

#4. Consume a nutritious diet

Some malignancies are more likely to occur in people who eat poorly. It’s essential to follow a balanced diet full of plant-based foods.

#5. Examine your mouth and lips regularly for any irregularities

The oral cavity cancer grows and spreads quite gradually. If ulcers go untreated and necessary medical care is skipped, cancer may develop at a more advanced stage.

After rinsing, the dentist advises taking an extra few seconds to examine your mouth in the mirror while brushing your teeth.

#6. Visit your dentist regularly

Ask for an oral cancer screening when you visit your Wantirna South dentist at least once every six months.

When to See a Dentist?

See your doctor or Wantirna South dentist if you have any uncomfortable, lingering signs or symptoms that last longer than two weeks. Your doctor will likely rule out less unusual explanations for your symptoms, such as an infection.

Keep in mind that the best opportunity to successfully treat the problem is with early identification, diagnosis, and therapy.

Oral Health Care at Wantirna South

The best way to protect yourself from mouth cancer is to be aware of the factors that raise your risk of getting it. In contrast to others, some risk factors can be altered.

You don’t have to make changes yourself, even though it can be difficult. Your dentist can help you find a therapist or self-help group in your neighbourhood.

You’ll establish relationships with people who have successfully made comparable changes. Ask them for advice on past successful strategies. They’re known as risk factors.

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